Maximum Rocknroll Presents: Welcome to 1984 (download)


The Welcome to 1984 compilation LP reissue is out of print on vinyl, but now you can download the whole thing here, including all of the original artwork! Felix Havoc calls it “the best compilation LP of all time” — read his full write-up on this classic here.

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Maximum Rocknroll is proud to present — yet again — its seminal Welcome to 1984 compilation LP. This was one of the very first — and perhaps best — compilations to document the first wave of international hardcore. This LP features legendary bands from all over the globe: TERVEET KÄDET, OLHO SECO, THE CRUCIFUCKS, ELECTRIC DEADS, INFERNO, KIDNAP, N.O.T.A., ICONS OF FILTH, R.I.P., SKIT-LARS, RATTUS, RAW POWER, BRISTLES, DEPRESSION, B.G.K., THE STALIN, FRITES MODERN, U.B.R., MAYHEM, RED TIDE, MORAL DEMOLITION, HUVUDTVÄTT, and UPRIGHT CITIZENS. 23 bands in all, from 17 different countries!

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