Maximum Rocknroll Presents: Welcome to 1984 (download)

The Welcome to 1984 compilation LP download, including all of the original artwork! Felix Havoc calls it “the best compilation LP of all time” — read his full write-up on this classic here.

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Details/Additional Info

Maximum Rocknroll is proud to present — yet again — its seminal Welcome to 1984 compilation LP. This was one of the very first — and perhaps best — compilations to document the first wave of international hardcore. This LP features legendary bands from all over the globe: TERVEET KÄDET, OLHO SECO, THE CRUCIFUCKS, ELECTRIC DEADS, INFERNO, KIDNAP, N.O.T.A., ICONS OF FILTH, R.I.P., SKJIT-LARS, RATTUS, RAW POWER, BRISTLES, DEPRESSION, B.G.K., THE STALIN, FRITES MODERN, U.B.R., MAYHEM, RED TIDE, MORAL DEMOLITION, HUVUDTVÄTT (HEADCLEANERS), and UPRIGHT CITIZENS. 23 bands in all, from 17 different countries!