MRR #432 • May 2019 <br>(PDF download)
MRR #432 • May 2019
(PDF download)
This is a high-quality PDF download of Maximum Rocknroll #432 featuring PIÑÉN, CHRONOPHAGE, PROVOKE, APSURD, Palestinian Solidarity + Punk, Israeli Punk Archive + JARADA, Jesse Ponkamo photo spread, Winston Smith, CIEMO, EXOTICA, Kim Garcia, DREAM NAILS, Faith/Void, Greek photo spread, BUSH TETRAS, DESEOS PRIMITIVOS, SUSAN, THE WORLD, Louder Faster Shorter filmmaker Mindaugas Bagdon, FORRA, KHIIS, Interfaith Works, and a Rio Grande Valley scene report. Cover art by Martin Sprouse. (Details below.)
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Sale! MRR Final Cover Shirt mockup
MRR Final Issue T-shirt
Designed by the inimitable Martin Sprouse, the cover image from the final print issue of MRR can be emblazoned across your chest for all to see...
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Single back issue of <em>MRR</em> magazine
Single back issue of MRR magazine
Use the drop-down menu to select any currently-available back issue of Maximum Rocknroll. Read details on all of these issues below. Or click here for a special deal when you buy any 6 back issues of MRR!
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Any 6 back issues of <em>MRR</em>
Any 6 back issues of MRR
Mix 'n' match! Buy 6 and they're cheap as fuk. Yes, you can choose more than one copy of each issue. Read details on all of our available back issues below. Click HERE if you want to buy a single back issue.
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Two-color poster of MRR #429 cover art
Two-color poster of MRR #429 cover art
Paper: Heavy, Grey Size: 11” x 17” 50 hand-numbered risograph prints by Nirzar Pangarkar Shipped in protective cardboard tube
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MRR Logo T-shirt
MRR Logo T-shirt
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MRR Issue #1 T-shirt
MRR Issue #1 T-shirt
Yep, it's the cover of our very first issue, Maximumrocknroll #1 from July of 1982, slapped onto a t-shirt and stuck in the mail for you to wear around town and get yelled at by jocks and rednecks.
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Sale! MRR T-shirt by Sarah Sequoia <br>(size S only)
MRR T-shirt by Sarah Sequoia
(size S only)
This amazing design and print is by artist Sarah Sequoia and we fucking love it. Text on shirt says, "When you just don't know who to trust anymore." Check out more of her art at  
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Sale! MRR Issue #13 T-shirt “Does Punk Suck???” (size XS only)
MRR Issue #13 T-shirt “Does Punk Suck???” (size XS only)
DOES PUNK SUCK??? You may have found yourself asking this very question back at the last punk show you were able to make it out to—whether that was in 1979, 1983, 2005, or even last night. We've been wondering ourselves at least since our thirteenth issue (May '84), the cover of which is faithfully restored here in larger-than life size on a white cotton tee.
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Sale! MRR T-shirt by Jess Scott (size XS only)
MRR T-shirt by Jess Scott (size XS only)
Jess Scott should be a familiar name to many Bay Area freaks and punks worldwide, if not for her art—peep the tellyboys shop—then perhaps for her output with such ensembles as Flesh World (featured in MRR #386), Brilliant Colors, and Index. You already love it, now you get to wear it!
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Maximum Rocknroll presents: <br>Welcome to 1984 comp LP
Maximum Rocknroll presents:
Welcome to 1984 comp LP
We've found a lost stockpile of our 2010 reissue of our classic Welcome to 1984 compilation LP! Felix Havoc calls it "the best compilation LP of all time" — read his full write-up on this classic here.
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Maximum Rocknroll presents: <br>BUM KON LP
Maximum Rocknroll presents:
25 songs recorded in 1983, nearly all previously unreleased. A blazing mix of Black Flag and early DRI showcasing a relatively unknown American hardcore band at its peak.
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