MRR #320 • Jan 2010: Decade-End Top Tens Issue (PDF download)

This is a high quality 128-page PDF download of Maximum Rocknroll magazine, issue #320/Jan 2010, The Decade-End Top Tens Issue. It features the MRR shitworkers’ breakdowns of the best DIY punk releases of the ’00s! Also, Japan’s D-CLONE, BROKEN WATER from Olympia, CONTROL (UK), and Ian Glasper, author of The Day the Country Died and Trapped in a Scene. Cover art by Randy Ransome.

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Details/Additional Info

The first issue of the decade seems a good place to discuss the music of the decade we are leaving. MRR #320, the January 2010 issue, features numerous MRR columnists, shitworkers, and reviewers pontificating on what went before musically, the platters that mattered in the—what do we call ‘em—the zeroes? We also have interviews with cover stars from Japan, D-CLONE, Olympia, Washington’s BROKEN WATER, Montreal’s COMPLICATIONS and street punk from the UK, courtesy of CONTROL. We talk with author Ian Glasper, who has just finished a three volume series on the UK underground, starting from the spiky punk of the early ’80s in Burning Britain, then moving onto the anarcho-punk scene with The Day the Country Died, and ending up with a book on the UK hardcore scene of the late ’80s, Trapped in a Scene. And as always, we feature the most extensive punk music review section in print, plus all yer usual columnists… The cover was designed by Randy Ransome.

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