<em>MRR</em> #428 • Jan 2019
MRR #428 • Jan 2019
Maximum Rocknroll #428 features SIAL from Singapore, Oregon's Cascade Record Pressing, cartoonist Liz Suburbia, Black and Brown Punk Fest TX recap, BITE MARKS from Florida, Atlanta's Scavenger of Death label, '90s Russian band CHIMERA, Belgium scene report, and This Is Austin, Not That Great fest. (Details below.)
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<em>MRR</em> #427 • Dec 2018
MRR #427 • Dec 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #427 features THE SHIFTERS from Melbourne, long-distance band JABBER, Montreal weirdos PINK NOISE, Boston legends ANCIENT FILTH, NYC's CHOKED UP, MARRÓN from all across America, LIÉ of Vancouver, funeral home dwellers THE FUNS, Manchester's PROTO IDIOT, and GIANT PEACH from New York. (Details below.) This issue is also available as a PDF download HERE.
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