<em>MRR</em> #424 • Sept 2018
MRR #424 • Sept 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #424 features NYC's HARAM, Italy's SECT MARK, GREAT WIGHT from NYC, HEAVY LIDS outta New Orleans, Welsh punks DISJOY, JUDY AND THE JERKS from Hattiesburg MS, COLOR TV from Minneapolis/Portland, Olympia's B/\GG/\GE, MOTORSAV from Copenhagen, and a tribute to the ADOLESCENTS' Steve Soto. (Details below.)
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<em>MRR</em> #423 • Aug 2018
MRR #423 • Aug 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #423 features Philly's Break Free Fest report, Oakland's Multivrs Is Illuminated Fest, Dumb Fest 6 photo spread, PMS from France, Oregon's ABOLITIONIST, DIY As Privilege, Manifesto, Oakland's COHERENCE, OSLO BØRS from Norway, and Olympia's PHYSIQUE. (Details below.)
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