<em>MRR</em> #426 • Nov 2018
MRR #426 • Nov 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #426 features Fresno's FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES, CASUAL HEX from Seattle, New York's ever/never Records, Ian Glasper from UK82 greats WARWOUND, Quebec reissue label Je Me Souviens, Portland's LAVENDER FLU, GUMMING from Richmond, VA, Baltimore crusties SYRINGE, Bay Area author Soup, Germany's own ATMEN, WEITER..., and ANTIFACES from Miami, FL. (Details below.)
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<em>MRR</em> #425 • Oct 2018
MRR #425 • Oct 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #425 features CHAIN CULT from Athens, Greece, NYC's Migra Punk Fest, TROIKA from Spain, Pittsburgh's HET WARD COLLECTIVE, Arcata, CA's Outer Space and their Lost Coast Fest, TIM AND THE BOYS from Sydney, Olympia's HOARDER, Yallapunk Fest, VEUVE SS from France, FUCKED AND BOUND from Seattle and Oakland's DON'T ASK. (Details below.) This issue is also available as a PDF download HERE.
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