<em>MRR</em> #414 • November 2017
MRR #414 • November 2017
Maximum Rocknroll #414 features the History of Alabama Punk part 1: Birmingham, BAD EXAMPLE, Bay Area heartthrobs MIDNITE SNAXXX, São Paulo's CANKRO, Chicago's C.H.E.W., PERIOD BOMB, Sweden's BRING THE DRONES, PADKAROSDA from Budapest, UNSANITARY NAPKIN from New Zealand, and in memoriam: Victoria Scalisi of DAMAD. (Details below.) This issue is also available as a PDF download HERE.
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<em>MRR</em> #415 • December 2017
MRR #415 • December 2017
Maximum Rocknroll #415 features the Anti Police-Terror Project, Portland, OR's No! To Rape Culture collective, the VELVET UNDERGROUND's Willie “Loco” Alexander, Alabama punk history part 2, Russia's STRESSHOLD, GRIT from Ireland, Norway's NEGATIV, photos from Toronto's Not Dead Yet fest, Fred "Freak" Smith of BEEFEATER obit, plus, from the Sheffield, England scene: Kids of the Lughole label, COMMUNITY, a scene report, and Noise Annoys fest photo spread. (Details below.)
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