<em>MRR</em> #422 • July 2018
MRR #422 • July 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #422 features Italy's SHITTY LIFE, Virginia's HAIRCUT, GEN POP from Olympia, Russia's AIWT, Colombia's MURO, LARS FINBERG from California, Winnipeg's WHIP, Stefan Christensen of C/Site Recordings, and photos from Manic Relapse Vol. 6 (Details below.)
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<em>MRR</em> #421 • June 2018
MRR #421 • June 2018
Maximum Rocknroll #421 features Vancouver's FASHIONISM, CUNTROACHES from Berlin, MORAL PANIC from New York, APPRAISE fom Barcelona, Portland's MR. WRONG, Mexico's CRUZ DE NAVAJAS, Australia's EXEK, DURS COEURS from Ottawa, NO LOVE APPRAISE from North Carolina, Japanese legends FIRESTARTER, photos from DC's Damaged City festival, and DIY recording tips. (Details below.)
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